Web Design and Development Services

The world wide web offers businesses a completely new way to reach and interact with customers. But to be effective, a web site has to be more than just an electronic version of a printed brochure. It must be unique, combining elements of graphic design, interactivity, and content in such a way as to instantly grab the visitor's attention and relate to them the company's marketing message. Pulling this off requires a special skill set and mind set, and is something that most traditional design companies who are trying to modernize their services just can't do.

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We at TriVectus were creating web sites before most people had even heard of the web. We combine this experience with graphic arts and database design skills, and anchor it all with the sound principles of systems analysis, computer science, and human interface design. The end result: the web site we create for you will neatly integrate into your business model to effectively market your company's product or service.

To be effective, a site must not only look pretty, it must also operate efficiently to prevent visitors from leaving for a competitor's site out of frustration. Most design companies will use a graphical page editor to create your web site, resulting in pages with incorrect and non-standards-complying code that renders inconsistently and slowly. In comparison, we put our deep understanding of web technologies to use by hand-coding every part of a site. This means that the code on your site will be 100% standards-compliant, and will load quickly so as to get your marketing message across as fast as possible. Here's an enlightening experiment: visit the World Web Consortium's (the organization in charge of creating and controlling web standards) HTML validator page, and enter the URLs of a few of our competitor's web sites. Chances are, you will get back a list of dozens or even hundreds of error messages. Now enter the URL of our site, and you'll get back a message saying that the code is correct and fully compliant with their standards. What do you want the results of a check on your site to look like? We also take care to properly target your site to your audience's browser capabilities, so that your site won't end up in a fiasco like the one the IOC found itself in with the official 2002 Winter Olympics site, where many thousands of visitors couldn't use the site because of it's improper use of JavaScript (thus proving that working with a very large and very well-funded design group doesn't ensure success).

Creating sites in this manner takes more time and effort up front, but more than pays for itself going forward by increasing visitor satisfaction and perception and lowering maintenance costs. In short, when you care about your business's image, it's the right way to do your site.

When you're ready to create your site, we'll first work with you to ascertain what your requirements and goals are. Once we know exactly what the site needs to look like and what functionality it needs to have, we'll build it to suit. At every step of the way, you'll be closely involved so that you will always know the current state of things. When all is said and done, you'll have a web site that's a natural extension to your business, that carefully targets your potential customers and sends them your marketing message loud and clear.

If you'd rather do most of the work yourself, we're happy to accommodate you by offering expert advice as required, or by extending a helping hand with the more complex parts of your site or with those elements (like custom images, a database, or eCommerce integration) that you may not have the skills to create on your own. If you already have a site that was created by another company using visual editing tools, we can go in and clean it up for you, increasing compatibility with standards and decreasing load time.

If you're interested in putting our web expertise to work for your company, e-mail us, and we'll discuss your needs and give you a quote.