Mailing Lists

Below are descriptions of the mailing lists that we run. Please note that we are very much against spam and will not partake in it. For more information about how we protect your privacy, please read our privacy statement.

You're a business owner or executive trying to maximize the ROI of your company's web site. Or, maybe you haven't made the leap just yet, and are trying to get a better grasp on what your future web site should or shouldn't be. If one of these statements describes you, this is the list for you. Periodically, we will send out a newsletter that examines web trends and cuts to the chase about what will—and what won't—help your site connect you to your customers, which, in the end, is the primary objective of any site. With this information in hand, you'll be able to direct your designers to create a site that not only looks pretty, but also adds to the bottom line.

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This is a very low-traffic, one-way list (meaning that you cannot post). We use it to announce public beta programs, new product releases, product updates, and, very rarely, special offers (note that we do not post third-party special offers, only our own).

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Registered Users Lists
All users who register our software are automatically placed on a list through which they will receive update notices regarding the product they registered (not other products). If you register a program and would prefer not to receive these notices, simply indicate that fact in the comments field in the Register application or on our on-line order form, and we will ensure that you do not get added. To continue receiving these notices, please keep us apprised when your e-mail address changes, and make sure you can receive e-mail from the domain.