Privacy Policy

TriVectus: 17-Jun-2003

TriVectus advocates complete personal privacy, and will never sell or otherwise provide data that it has gathered to other individuals and/or companies. This includes data submitted to us through our web site, e-mailed to us, snail-mailed to us, faxed to us, or included with program registrations. The two exceptions to this are:

  1. The person whose data is in question provides permission for us to use his or her data. In this case, we will only use the data as we are explicitly permitted.
  2. We will release any information as may be required by a court of law or other legal entity in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona and of the United States of America.

Further, TriVectus will not send out unsolicited e-mail (spam) under any circumstances. Press releases and other information we send out is only sent to (1) addresses whose owners have specifically signed up to receive such information, (2) addresses which have been published by their owners for the purpose of receiving such information, and (3) addresses of registered users of our software. Removal instructions are included as part of every message we send out in cases (1) and (3); such requests will be honored immediately and without question. Messages we send in case (3) will only be those that directly deal with the product registered by the target user, or another of our products that is very closely related--it won't be random advertizing. In rare cases, we may send pieces via postal mail; in such cases we will follow the same guidelines as outlined for e-mail.

Contact the TriVectus Webmaster with any questions or concerns.