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TriVectus produces several types of shareware and freeware, from security software to a utility for pilots. All of our software is backed by our world-class technical support.

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Seeking a custom solution similar to something we already have? We can customize any of our software to fit your precise needs. Whether you just want to add your school or corporate logo to SuperLock's login dialog, or add three-dimensional charting functions to Regression, we can do it. For a quote, e-mail us the details of what you want. Note that we can also create from scratch anything you may need; for more information, see our services page.

SuperLock Graphic

SuperLock 4.5 Pro

SuperLock Pro is the premier shareware security utility. While offering a number of advanced features like unlimited users, time-based login controls, detailed logging capabilities, and file/folder protection, it remains very easy to use and does not endanger your data like many security utilities do.


SuperLock Graphic

SuperLock 4.0 Lite

SuperLock Lite is a slimmed down version of SuperLock Pro aimed at users with simpler needs. With support for dual users, it's ideal for use in environments where Macs are primarily single-user machines, but wherein an administrator still needs easy access when the normal user isn't present.


Launch Key Graphic

Launch Key 4.0

Launch Key is a macro utility with which you can automate almost any task on your Mac. Without doing any scripting or programming, you can have Launch Key perform such actions as selecting menu items, opening/launching any Finder object, posting reminders to you, playing sounds, opening URLs, and more. Sets of actions can be executed at the touch of a hot key or automatically at a specific time or in regular intervals.


Kicho Graphic

Kicho 1.0

Kicho is a small but useful utility that can disable the caps-lock key, disable the help key, and play subtle key click sounds. Once you install Kicho, you'll never again find yourself typing in all caps, or find your Mac beeping at you because a help dialog has gained control of your Mac. If you don't want to disable the caps-lock, it will let you to use the shift key to type lowercase letters with the caps-lock key turned on.


Launch Time Graphic

Launch Time 1.0

Launch Time is another small but useful utility that will automatically launch or open any Finder object after your Mac has been idle for a period of time. It's the perfect complement to SuperLock Lite, enabling you to automatically secure your Mac any time you leave it unattended. It's also great for launching application-based screen savers, or the clients for trendy distributed computing projects, like those managed by Distributed.net.


FlightMath Graphic

FlightMath 1.1/2.2

FlightMath is an extremely useful utility for leisure pilots and flight simulator fans. Designed to replace the functionality of the archaic and hard-to-use ASA E-6B Flight Computer, it instantly and easily calculates density altitude and wind correction angles, and performs fuel consumption and temperature conversion calculations. It can even work with mixed units! FlightMath 2.2 is the Mac OS X-native version.


Regression Graphic

Regression 2.1

Regression lets you perform complex regression analyses with extreme ease, making it perfect for classroom use or anywhere else non-statisticians might need to perform regressions.


Screen Saver Graphic

Screen Savers

A collection of high-quality screen savers for OS X. Currently, there are four modules available, all built with OpenGL and featuring photo-realistic textures.