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Tucows rating: 5/5 Cows
MacUpdate: 4.5/5 Stars

FlightMath was developed with pilots and flight sim fans in mind, to replace the clumsy ASA E6-B Flight Computer. It takes full advantage of the Mac's interface to make the traditionally tedious preflight calculations extremely easy (some say even fun).

For instance, instead of fussing with pencilling marks on the back of the E-6B to compute wind correction angles, you simply drag the hands around a compass rose, with a hand each for wind direction and true course. Other features include:

Version 2.3 adds support for downloading terminal area forecasts (TAFs) and makes other minor improvements.

For those seeking a complete, Mac-based flight-prep package, FlightMath is available in a bundle with Stephen Colebrook's Mac Flight Planner, a great piece of OS X software for easily putting together flight plans. The bundle price is just $30, or 25% off the price of both programs purchased separately.

FlightMath 2.3 requires OS X 10.1 or higher. FlightMath 1.1 is an older version that runs on classic Mac OS, requiring a PowerPC-based Mac and Mac OS 8.0 or higher.

Price: $19.95 per single-user license. Site and worldwide licenses are also available; see our registration page for details. Upgrades from version 2.x are free, and upgrades from v1.x are $10. Registered users of 2.x may instead run a copy of v1.1 if required by their computer(s); e-mail support for more information.

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