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Kicho is a small background-only application that modifies the behavior of the caps-lock key such that when caps-lock is on, typing with the shift key produces lower-case letters, similar to the behavior of the caps-lock key on PCs and Apple IIs. Or if you prefer, Kicho can completely disable the caps-lock key, very handy on PowerBooks. Kicho can also disable the help key, useful to prevent accidentally bringing up large help dialogs. And finally, Kicho can play subtle key click sounds as you type, a feature found in some high-end keyboards that provides feedback many typists find useful.

Because Kicho is an application and not an extension or control panel, it can be activated and deactivated on-the-fly, without restarting, and is unlikely to cause system conflicts. However, being a background application, it still runs invisibly.

Version 1.5 adds the key click sounds and the option of disabling the help key. It also fixes a bug in 1.0 that caused auto-repeat characters (created by holding down a key) to be missed.

Kicho requires Mac OS 8 and a PowerPC processor.

Price: $10 per single-user license. Site and worldwide licenses are also available; see our registration page for details.

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