About SuperLock 4.0 Lite

Welcome to SuperLock 4.0 Lite!

SuperLock is the premier shareware Macintosh security utility. It has been protecting Macs from casual snoopers since 1993, and it protected Macs for two years before that as a program called MacLauncher (which still works properly on the latest Macs!). It can be found on Macs all over the world belonging to students, teachers, governments, and normal, everyday people.

SuperLock 4.0 Lite is a slimmed-down version of SuperLock 4.0 Pro. Whereas SuperLock Pro is intended for settings like school labs where multiple people access one machine, SuperLock Lite is for Macs which are primarily used by only one or two people, or by small groups of people (e.g., a family) that don't mind sharing passwords amongst each other. It is also suitable for environments where the administrator allows users to protect their machines, but still needs to be able to access those machines without chasing down their owners to get a password.

Brief Overview

SuperLock Lite has provisions for either one or two users. In the case of two users, one is the Normal User and one is the Admin User. A single user assumes the role of the Admin User. Each user has his or her own associated name and password combination which is used to gain access to the Mac through SuperLock.

SuperLock Lite's security features are as follows:

Other features of SuperLock Lite include:

About This Documentation

This documentation assumes familiarity with basic Macintosh terminology and usage conventions such as clicking, dragging, and the standard use of dialog boxes. If you are not comfortable with these concepts, please consult the documentation that came with your computer.

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