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SPECIAL NOTE: Currently, our screen savers will only run on PowerPC-based Macs. We're hard at work on making them universal, however, so that they'll also run on Intel-based Macs. Please check back regularly for availability.

Like most Mac users, we at TriVectus like to do things that make our computing experience enjoyable. Part of that fun, we feel, is having a good screen saver on at all times. Of course, we have to create our own, and that's just what we did. Now, you, too, can enjoy the fruits of our labor with the screen saver modules below. Each of these is marketed as what we call valueware, which simply means that if you like them, you pay us whatever you feel it's worth.

Gravity is a chaotic, scientifically inspired screen saver created in OpenGL. At its heart is a collection of planets that exist in a miniature universe. Each planet has mass and velocity, and is affected by gravitational forces from all of the other planets. Eventually, the planets will collide, the victors gaining mass in the destruction of others. Planets will become larger and larger until they form into suns and finally black holes. The universe is not only populated by planets, however: spaceborne spectators will come to watch the chaos and cause a little themselves!

Clock is a photo-realistic, OpenGL-rendered, analog clock screen saver. You can customize the hand and rim color and choose from several included face styles. You can also use their own images for the clock face.

Warp Field is a remake of a classic screen saver: warping through a star field. Of course, we weren't satisfied with moving dots; we had to believe we were rushing though space. We've also added a few spectators and scenery to keep it interesting.

Planets is a screen saver that displays and animates various planetary systems. In addition, you'll see exploding planets, asteroid swarms, rouge asteroids, and nuclear war, among other things. Watch a planet's moon spiral into space after the planet explodes, or see how a stay asteroid wrecks havoc with its gravitational field as it passes through the system.

All modules require Mac OS X 10.0 or later.

Price: whatever they're worth to you. For payment instructions, see our registration page for details.

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If you wish to register a screen saver, you may do so through our on-line registration form.