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We will only make calls during US business days - Monday through Friday. Please include your time zone relative to GMT, e.g., -5 or +4 hours. Also, remember to indicate AM or PM, or use 24-hr time. If you wish us to attempt to call at our first opportunity after we receive funding notification from Kagi, please enter 'ASAP'. (Please note that if we are unable to reach you when we begin calling, we will only refund you $20, per our refund policy below.)

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If possible, select a time within a window 7 to 12 hours before or after the preferred time. For example, if you specify a preferred time of Jan 1 at 9:30am, you might specify an alternative time of Jan 1 at 4:30pm or Dec. 31 at 9:30pm.


Please describe, with as much detail as possible, the nature of the problem you want help with. This will help us to prepare (including selecting the most appropriate person to call you) so that we can minimize the length of the phone call.

Other comments:

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You are about to purchase a Phone Technical Support incident for $29.95. This service is intended only as a tech support outlet for our software products. After we receive notice of Kagi's receipt of your funds, we will make up to three attempts at five minute intervals to call you at the time and number that you designate. If we are unable to reach you in those three attempts, we will automatically issue a refund of $20. In the rare event that we are unable to call you within 15 minutes of the time you designate due to scheduling conflicts or technical difficulties on our end, we will endeavor to call as close to the time as possible or, upon request, issue a refund of $29.95. For the highest probability of us being able to call you at the time you designate, try to schedule at least one day in advance of when you want to be called. We also reserve the right to issue a refund of $29.95 should we decide that it would be prohibitively expensive to call your country.

Please note that while we will offer as much assistance as we reasonably can, we do not guarantee that we will solve your problem, and we will not issue a refund in this case. We also will not issue a refund if we cannot reach you due to an error on your part, such as if you provide the wrong phone number.