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[SLP060100P-01] ER: Unrecoverable Error on Launch
[SLP060100P-02] Is It Really Registered?
[SLP060100P-03] Screen Saver Fails to Activate
[SLP080600P-01] Client Quits at Screen Saver Activation
[SLP060100P-04] Client Fails to Auto-Activate
[SLP060200P-01] Finder Item Protection Can't Be Switched On or Off
[SLP060400P-01] Client Fails to Launch On Startup
[SLP080700P-01] Unrecoverable Error When Exporting Log
[SLP081000P-01] Unrecoverable Error When Exporting Log (2)
[SLP082100P-01] Crash or Freeze After "Activating Security"
[SLP082700P-01] Finder Item Protection: Blank Item Name in List
[SLP082800P-01] Location Manager Extension Fails to Load

Tips for Working Smarter

[SLP062700T-01] Use a Successful Login Sound
[SLP081000T-01] Using SuperLock Pro with Conflict Catcher

For Your Information

[SLP031401I-01] Using SuperLock Pro with Retrospect