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Web Consulting and Web Development Testimonial: ThinkTV

The following is a testimonial from ThinkTV, a Dayton, Ohio PBS television station, on their perceptions of and experiences with our web consulting and web development services:

Dear Reader:

ThinkTV/Greater Dayton Public Television has enjoyed an excellent relationship with TriVectus since the launch of our new site in Sept. 2002. As the Web Content Developer for ThinkTV, I feel confident placing our programming needs in TriVectus’ hands. However, their services go beyond technical competency, as they have repeatedly demonstrated foresight and a genuine interest in the health and potential of our site.

We were introduced to TriVectus through a Dayton company that worked on the redesign of our site and had contracted TriVectus for some of the site’s programming. As our station services grew, so did our need to expand the site – in particular, adding digital services to our online program schedule.

TriVectus created a page that accommodated the new digital services with a combination of automated and manual features. TriVectus viewed this project with consideration for the bigger picture of how digital television works and provided insight into the best way to guide our new digital users without alienating our analog viewers. It is no small feat that we understood what they were doing and why during the project, as opposed to TriVectus just handing over the finished product – a true testament to their sincerity and excellent communication. The finished page was launched in June 2003 and we regularly receive compliments on its layout and functionality. In October 2003, when we needed to add more digital services to that same program schedule, it was a snap because TriVectus had created the page to easily accommodate the addition of more channels. This bit of foresight on TriVectus’ part saved us time and money and is just one example of how they anticipated our needs.

Recently, we contracted TriVectus to help us create a workshop sign-up page that fed the registrant information directly into a database for our Education Department to manage. During this time, I was in contact with Bob Williams daily and appreciated his availability and attention to the project (to say he is patient is an understatement). Like the program schedule page, the registration form is a great success with our users and has streamlined the administrative work on our end.

In addition to their contracted services, TriVectus is a valuable resource for my job. For example, I’ve turned to TriVectus for information about ADA compliance and about upcoming changes in Internet Explorer that will impact our site. While I rely on TriVectus for their technical expertise, at the same time, TriVectus makes their work accessible and empowers me with the knowledge, confidence and resources to keep our site fresh and provides the tools to allow us to make it grow. They absolutely take pride in their work and I trust them to do the best job possible within budget and on time.

I look forward to continuing our relationship with TriVectus and give my wholehearted recommendation for their services.


Rebecca Zorich
Web Content Developer
ThinkTV Network

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