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Every project we work on has its own, unique set of requirements. In some cases, the client is applying their own resources to the project and just needs the helpful guidance of an experienced web consultant to keep them on the right track and to constrain project costs. In other cases, they need a graphic designer's help with the visual design aspects of their web site; in still other cases, they may need a web developer to implement an intranet application, or may need help increasing the accessibility of their site through compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium's WCAG and the US Government's ADA.

Below, you'll find a small sample of the projects we've worked on, each selected to showcase a different skill set. This list is not all-inclusive. That is to say, there are many ways in which we can apply our web consulting, web design, web development, and graphic arts skills to help you improve your business that aren't listed. If you'd like to find out how, contact us!

ThinkTV Program Schedule Page

Custom programming
Custom search engine
Database back-end
Content management system
Client-side form validation

Greater Dayton Public Television, Inc.

The visual aspects of this site, created for a PBS station in Dayton, Ohio, were designed and created by another company and by the client's own webmaster; our web consultants were brought in to do all the back-end work and all the dynamic parts.

The site incorporates a number of features that have helped the client procure new members while also opening new channels of communication with the community. Chief among them is a program grid, which shows viewers what's on all of the station's 12 channels at any given time. The content for the grid is provided by a database, which is automatically synchronized with the station's proprietary internal database on a periodic basis. Viewers can scroll through the grid to see what's on, or they can use the program search engine to find a particular program as far out as 60 days or as far back as the beginning of the month. The viewer can also create and print customized schedules for any channel.

Other features of the site include:

  • A donation area where viewers can make monetary donations to the station and select from among many gifts in return.
  • A workshops area where viewers can sign up for any of several free workshops.
  • An education area with activities like customized vocabulary quizzes to help out teachers.

The site includes a secure, multi-user administration interface where station employees can manage the program grid, manage the membership and workshop lists and associated data, and manage the list of newsletter subscribers.


Central Ohio Martial Arts About Us Page

Custom programming
Search engine integration
Database back-end
Web design
Standards-compliant HTML
Standards-compliant CSS
Graphic arts
Discussion lists
Photo gallery

Central Ohio Martial Arts Association

With this web site, our web consultants determined that the client, a martial arts school in Wilmington, Ohio, had three primary goals they wanted to achieve:

  • Lower operating costs by minimizing the large quantity of paperwork that they distribute to students
  • Draw new students in and increase profits by extending their marketing reach to people who otherwise wouldn't know about them
  • Provide a useful resource to their current students by making available to them information beyond what they'd normally have, and by enabling and encouraging inter-student discussion outside of class

The result? The site amply succeeds with all three goals. Costs associated with printing and distributing thousands of pages of documents per year have been eliminated; new students find the school through the site; and current students participate in discussion lists and regularly check the site for updates to the photo gallery and document archive.

Ohio Kids Are Riding Safe Parent / Caregiver Page

Custom programming
Search engine integration
Standards-compliant HTML
Standards-compliant CSS
Level-AAA WCAG compliance
ADA §508 compliance

Ohio Kids Are Riding Safe

One of the primary requirements for this site, which is mainly government-funded, was compliance with section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our web consultants were given visual mockups of the site by another design company, which we used as a guide in creating the actual web pages. Of course, the resulting HTML and CSS code comprising the pages is fully standards-compliant, and meets ADA requirements. However, our consultants took the accessibility requirement even further by making the site compliant with Level-AAA of the World Wide Web Consortium's more stringent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (W3C WCAG), the toughest set of accessibility requirements around.

Our web consultants were also responsible for the design and implementation of the dynamic portions of the site, such as the feature that lets state residents look up the contact information for their local child safety representatives, and for templatizing the site such that it can be updated by the client with Macromedia Contribute.

Lucro Invoice Listing Page

Custom programming
Database back-end
Web design
Standards-compliant XHTML
Standards-compliant CSS
On-the-fly PDF generation
Advanced client-side form validation
Dynamic HTML

TriVectus Billing System

This is an extranet application that we use to manage all client billing activities. Having a web-based billing application means that we can handle billing tasks at any time from any Internet-enabled computer anywhere in the world. It is a two part application: an administrative part, called Lucro, and a client part, called Storico.

Through Lucro, we track clients and client contacts, projects associated with each client, and invoices associated with each project. The system is capable of tracking an unlimited number of invoices per project, and it can issue invoices by e-mailing them, by creating PDF files, or by letting you print them. Additionally, a number of reports are available to facilitate trends tracking and to ease tax preparation. All of this functionality is wrapped up in a multi-user security framework.

Storico enables clients to log in and view the status of all current invoices as well as their complete invoicing history. They can e-mail invoices to themselves and download them as PDF files.

Of note, the system continuously tracks all invoices, and will automatically issue periodic late notices as appropriate.

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