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"I'm already addicted to LK. I have it to open my mail, open IE, open SoundApp, and open my school's list... So much easier!"
--One user's comment after just one day of using Launch Key
"Launch Key is a convenient, quick, and easy utility."
--Mac News Network, when they reviewed Launch Key 1.5 as Product of the Day    MacNN's Product of the Day
Tucows rating: 4 Cows

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Launch Key is an automation utility that lets your Mac automatically do almost anything. You can configure it to perform tasks at the touch of a key (no matter what program you're in), at regular intervals (every Wednesday at noon), at a specific time (Feb. 11 at 11:30), or after a period of inactivity (similar to a screen saver).

Launch Key is based around Actions. Actions perform a single task, for example, bringing the Finder to the front. A number of Actions are bundled, including ones to select menu items in any application, launch or open any Finder object, post messages, type blocks of text, play sounds, open URLs, send Apple events, quit all applications, switch the front-most application, lock all your keychains, shut down your Mac, put it to sleep, and more. Actions are grouped together into collections called Sets that can be as complex as you wish. Some examples of tasks you might have Launch Key perform are:

  • Automatically initiate a system back-up at midnight of each day.
  • Archive important mail messages as you read them.
  • Launch all of your Internet applications at the touch of a key.
  • Quit all of your Internet applications at the touch of another key.
  • Open all the documents, folders, and applications associated with a project, with one key press.
  • Type out a standard e-mail reply in just seconds at the touch of a key.
  • Quickly mount a couple of network volumes, and copy a set of documents to each of them.
  • Quickly and accurately type your e-mail address or web site URL into any program with a keystroke.
  • Remind you of an important upcoming event.
  • Perform a general clean-up before shutting down--e.g., emptying the trash and putting away documents.
  • Let multiple users restore their workspace states, including open applications, windows, etc.
  • Launch an application-based screen saver or security program (like SuperLock Lite) after a period of inactivity.
  • Remap keyboard combinations in different programs to work the same way; for example, make the same key combination open a new connection in both Anarchie and Fetch.
  • And much, much more... the possibilities are endless!

As in previous versions, Launch Key 4.0 doesn't use any extensions or control panels, ensuring maximum compatibility with other software, and allowing you to enable or disable Launch Key on-the-fly without restarting.

Price: $20 per single-user license. Site and worldwide licenses are also available; see our registration page for details.

icon Download Launch Key now!

If you wish to register Launch Key, you may do so through our on-line registration form. You can also view the Launch Key documentation.

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