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SuperLock Lite
Using SuperLock Lite with Retrospect


The current version of SuperLock Lite does not directly support the use of programs, like Retrospect, that automatically launch and bring themselves to the front. However, with a bit of ingenuity, the two programs can peacefully coexist.


When the Mac OS launches a standard application program, it can either simply launch it in the background, or it can launch it and simultaneously bring it to the front. Which launch method is used is dictated by the program doing the launching, which is usually the Finder but may be any program designed to launch other software.

SuperLock Lite is designed specifically to disallow bringing other applications to the front. It does this by preventing clicks on the desktop, preventing clicks in other applications' windows, preventing the use of the process menu, and preventing clicks within the Control Strip. SuperLock Lite also prevents the use of other software--for example, Application Switcher (whose window can be opened by tearing off the process menu in Mac OS 8.5 and higher)--to switch another program to the front. Were SuperLock Lite to permit other programs to be brought to the front, a serious security breach would be opened, as intruders would simply need to switch to another program to do whatever they wished.

SuperLock Lite's insistence on maintaining security through its unwillingness to let other programs assume the front-most position can prove to be problematic at times. This most often happens when a program needs to legitimately launch in automated fashion; the most common example is Retrospect, which is often set to do unattended nightly backups. If Retrospect (or any other program) were to launch without the bring-to-front option, SuperLock Lite would permit the launch. Unfortunately, Retrospect does use the bring-to-front option, and so SuperLock Lite blocks its launch.

Happily, all hope is not lost. With a little help from outside software, SuperLock Lite can be configured to allow Retrospect to properly launch without sacrificing security to too great an extent. The idea is to us a macro program like Launch Key or QuickKeys to automatically log into SuperLock Lite a minute or so before Retrospect is set to launch, then re-launch SuperLock Lite immediately after. A potential disadvantage is that the macro program might not store the SuperLock Lite login information in a secure manner, so be sure to examine your security needs carefully before implementing this solution. Generally speaking, if you computer is always protected by SuperLock Lite when it's unattended, and no one but you uses your computer regularly, then your risk is minimal; however, if other, knowledgeable people often use your computer, then you're at much greater risk with this method.

Once Retrospect is able to launch itself unattended, your backups should proceed in a normal fashion.

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